DHCP Binding only to one interface card

I have been preparing for a laboratory for an event while home and a few people are using the internet. I am about to setup a server that needed to connect to the internet and to an internal network. This server has a DHCP server role installed and I don’t want this broadcasting DHCP traffic on the other network. I also don’t want to reconfigure the other DHCP server and I just want to continue with my lab.

I remember the NIC binding feature before and since I just needed the DHCP on the internal network of my lab, ill check if its still there.


Yes, on Windows Server 2012 – the add / remove bindings is still there.

So all I needed to do is un-check the public network and I am done.


Just click OK and that’s it! Now back to the lab, cheers!

and OH, PS. There is this thing on DHCP behavior that only binds to a static IP. If you have another card and its dynamically configured you will not see it here.