The movable cloud

I am moving my blog from this platform to this platform. Its more modern world where-in you can move from one PaaS to another. And I am inviting you to come with  me on this journey, bring snacks. Only snacks this will be quick but I’d pace my posts this time to allow context and to allow me be on a project today which is another beauty of the cloud. I am not lifting any servers today,


This will be a four part story on how to migrate your WordPress content to Microsoft Azure Web App.

Part 1: Exporting Content (TODO)

Part 2: Creating a Web App (TODO)

Part 3: Importing Your Content (TODO)

Part 4: Customizing Your Site (TODO)

How to disable clutter [Fixed]

Send Grid never failed me, I had never used the plain’ol SMTP way back when I started using Azure. But today, I have been pulling my hairs out because it seems my password reset is not sending any email.

I checked, double checked my IIdentityMessageService implementation and I know this works. I changed to my personal Office 365, refreshed it again and still no avail. But wait, what is this? Clutter. Clutter is a feature already as described here.


To turn this off, go to your Mail options by clicking the cog in the right hand corner and then click  options.

Navigate to Options > Mail > Automatic Processing > Clutter.


Uncheck “Separate items identified as clutter. Then click save.


There ya go, now back to the forgot password thingy.